Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sample blog post

You will be able to post to the site as often as you want.
Every post can contain simple text, bold, italic, be in different colors, contain links to other websites like that: Rent Cottage Canada
contain photos:

and videos :

format your text to any side of the page

-> format your text to the right
-> format your text to the middle <-
format your text to left <-

Change fonts, automatically check spelling ............ and many more!

To do all this does NOT require any special skills like programming or HTML knowledge - so ANYONE CAN DO IT!

You can even publish here by sending your articles from your computer, Blackberry or iPhone to a "secret" email address so they get posted automatically!

You can subscribe people to your blog so they will be able to follow your new posts.

Every post will be automatically search engine optimized and very quickly indexed by Google (both and belong to Google), and organized to an hierarchical BLOG ARCHIVE menu to make it easy to navigate.

Unlike "personal sites", it is much easier to maintain a based website, so you don't have to care about the usual domain renewals (~8-20$ a year) , the hosting fee (~10-30$ year), site reliability (did I mention it belongs to Google?) , and your expenses to a fellow programmer who might be helping you for money to do what you can do here by yourself, and IT COST YOU ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

We are offering personal vacation rental sites to the Rent Cottage Canada listing owners.